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Attorney Dale Paschall is an aggressive, experienced La Porte criminal defense attorney who has defended numerous individuals charged with a felony or misdemeanor offense.
If you or someone you love has been charged or arrested in La Porte, Harris, Galveston or the surrounding areas with a misdemeanor or felony, the consequences may be very serious. Right now is the most critical time, and your next step is crucial to protecting your rights.

Do not speak with investigators or law enforcement about any of the criminal charges. That information may be used in an effort to convict you in a court of law. Prosecuting attorneys will not be lenient because you cooperate with them.

Criminal Convictions Result in Serious Consequences

Without the aggressive, experienced legal representation that Attorney Paschall provides, your conviction could result in prison or jail time, large fines, loss of driving privileges, court ordered classes, or much more. You do not want a criminal conviction to follow you the rest of your life. With a criminal conviction on your record, your reputation will be tarnished, you could lose employment opportunities, and much more.

Fortunately, Attorney Paschall is here to help you.

He handles all misdemeanor and felony cases within La Porte and surrounding areas. He is familiar with the judges who will be presiding over your case. While each criminal case is unique, Attorney Paschall has earned the respect from judges, and he has a proven, winning track record in the La Port court system. This gives you a significant advantage. He has experience defending and winning a wide array of criminal cases, and he will fight diligently to protect your freedom and your rights.

Hammering Out Justice One Case at a Time

An initial consultation is free of charge. Call Attorney Paschall to discuss your case before doing anything else. Criminal charges are very serious.

As a trusted La Porte attorney for criminal cases, Attorney Paschall will use the best defense strategies to obtain the best possible outcome, protect your innocence, and protect your future. Your rights must be protected immediately, and he will work to secure your freedom. Frequently, he can end police investigations prior to a charge being filed.

Contact Attorney Paschall today. Don’t let a criminal charge damage your life and your future. He hammers out justice one case at a time.